The Origins of Taste

The lands surrounding the ancient Lycian town of Araxa provide ideal growing conditions for super botanicals. Lycian farmers began cultivating the area as early as 500 BC, and botanicals rapidly became a key crop.

Manuscripts discovered in the tomb of a local king reveal a culture familiar with the secrets of growing rare botanicals. The flavours of Araxa have been treasured by different cultures for thousands of years.

Now part of the Anatolian Peninsula in modern Turkey, the farmlands of the Lycian plateau are as fertile today as they have ever been. Three factors come together to create perfect conditions for growing super botanicals.


The Climate

For thousands of years the idyllic Southern Aegean climate has nurtured crops for different civilisations.

These lands have been farmed by Persians, Greeks and Romans. The area’s unique micro-climate delivers the exact balance of seasons and sunshine that super botanicals need to thrive.


 The Water

The water that feeds our farm comes straight from the Taurus mountains.

According to ancient mythology, the twin Gods Artemis and Apollo were born in the River Xanthos. Filtered by mountains before winding its way to the Mediterranean, the purity and quality of the water that feeds our botanicals has been exceptional since time began.


 The Soil

The summers are sun blessed. The winters are mild. The winds are always forgiving.

The micro-climate of the Lycian plains is nature’s way of regulating soil temperature and moisture to make the land fertile. Our farm amplifies the blessings of nature with enriched quality soil to lengthen ripening times and increase flavour.


Balancing these contrasting worlds is the secret to Araxa gin’s unique flavour.


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