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Super-botanicals demand more than standard farming. They need to be nurtured with rigour and devotion.

Organically grown and hand-picked during a fleeting window for harvest, sometimes as short as fifteen days, our botanicals are dried within hours of picking from our farm.

Once dry, they are stored in a vacuum at a meticulously controlled temperature to preserve and intensify flavour.

After they arrive in London, they become part of a distillation process overseen by some of the UK’s most respected experts.

Distillation is preceded by a twenty four hour maceration process to yield maximum flavour and aroma from the super botanicals. In line with London Dry standards, distillation occurs in a single process using traditional alembic copper stills.

This process is what gives Araxa its unique character and taste.

To guarantee the quality of every single drop, ARAXA is distilled and hand handbottled in micro- batches of 150 bottles.


Owner's Serves

The A
Serve Neat in an ice-cold lowball glass, chilled (at least down to 9 degrees C) filled to 1/3. Sprinkle of dried Red Goji Berries could be added as garnish.
A cube of ice could be added to widen the layered flavours.
ARAXA Dry Martini
Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes. Pour the well-chilled gin and add sprinkle of Red Goji Berries to the mix, stir (not shake) for about 20 seconds. Strain into a well-chilled Martini glass. Sprinkle of dried Red Goji Berries could be added as garnish.


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