Bodrum Satsuma - Citrus Deliciosa

Satsuma (Citrus Deliciosa Tenore) is a highest quality, one of the rarest breed mandarin cultivar. It has a green peel much like the lime fruit whereas the inner part is orange like. It also has attractive evergreen foliage white flowers with wonderful fragrance. The variety is known as "Bodrum mandarin" in Turkey. The fruit is used for essential oil and fragrance production by cold vacuum distillation of its peel. Since it is an early ripening citrus variety it flowers in spring, and its fruits begins to ripen in the mid of fall. 

Bodrum Satsumas are rich in plant compounds, including flavonoids and essential oils. There are higher amounts of flavonoids in Satsuma peel than in the pulp. They are quite high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content. The essential oils in satsumas leave a scent on your hands and in the air. The most prominent one is limonene. 

Satsumas are hybrid plants a crossover between the lime and orange tree, They are grown in southern part of Turkey, Mugla, Bodrum region at sea level. 


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